Nicole Toferer
Nicole Toferer is an Austrian art photographer based in Vienna.
 Currently she's working at the studio of VALIE EXPORT.

With her photographs, she makes the invisible visible and expresses how she sees the world through her eyes.

She discovered her passion at a young age which got embraced by her education at art school.

 Her work revolves around socially critical issues such as the role of women in art and society, feminism, the portrayal of men in feminist art as well as loneliness and self-reflective works. 
Capturing the moment, the emotions, the atmosphere is what makes her art authentic. 
It triggers the viewer's feelings that she felt at the moment, allowing him to see through her eyes, the female gaze. 

With that, she can not only create unique artwork but can create something new and interesting for her clients.
Exhibited in:
Upper Austria

"welcome to my poetry, welcome to my eyes"